Sinead Hewson
Design Thinking Facilitator

Entrepreneurs must remain agile and adaptable

“This year, entrepreneurs will need to continue to adapt to changing conditions. 2021 is the year to ideate, prototype, and test innovative ways of reaching customers to build a sustainable enterprise. Viewing business through the lens of design thinking creates an opportunity to challenge assumptions, understand and redefine customers, and change the business offer to meet market needs. Design thinking is a non-linear, iterative process that can tackle situations that are ill-defined or unknown, something we all can benefit from this year!”


Petra Fisher
Independent LinkedIn Trainer

Making money online will be easier

“The one opportunity I see for entrepreneurs in 2021 is ‘cashing in’ on the fact that everybody is now used to doing things online. In other words, if you are a service-based entrepreneur, clients are way more open to working with you through Zoom in 2021 than they were in 2019. Another way to make the most of the fact that everybody is online these days is to get visible on LinkedIn. By commenting as you would in conversation you can easily share your expertise in a fun and valuable manner, attracting clients whist you’re at it.”


Darina Veen
Feng Shui interior design consultant

Our homes must work in a multifunctional way

“For most of us, our homes have become our places of work as well as our havens of rest. Elevating our living spaces becomes priority, and integrating more natural elements will become a necessity. No longer is the home a sacred space where we simply relax and unwind. Now a home must work in a multifunctional way. The challenge will be to make a clear separation between working hours and family time to allow a good work/life balance. At the end of the day, it’s working from home and not living in the office that we want.”


Beth Farris
Business Clarity Mentor

A human, genuine approach will lead to more connections and clients

“The challenge now is that people have Zoom fatigue. But, at the same time, people are feeling isolated and craving connection. That’s an opportunity for business owners who find ways to create community and approach prospective clients in a highly personalized, thoughtful and human way. Live zoom calls and video streaming will continue to be big and that allows you to build trust and relationships FAST. The first step is clarity on who you want to connect with and clarity on your unique value and vision. Leaning into what makes you ‘you’ will help you create the right business strategy.”


Allyson Kukel
Founder, Rooted in Calm

We have an opportunity to grow and innovate from a place of calm

“2020 tossed our organized lives into chaos. Schedules, routines and plans evaporated in quick succession replaced by a ‘new-normal’. What occurred to me is this phrase replaced our commonly held beliefs that working from home and flexibility would solve all our problems. The paradox the pandemic presented is not lost on me, yet I believe it gives us an unprecedented vantage point from which to view our lives. How? From a place of calm where you are able to reflect, understand and pivot. Cultivating a peaceful mind from which innovation and creativity flourish, enabling your business to grow, without sacrificing your sanity.”


Julia Close
Women’s Motivation Coach

Exploring new ways of self motivation and being open to try new methods

“Energy can be sapped by external and internal factors – the important thing is to be able to understand your own triggers and work through how to manage them. Loneliness is exhausting and recognising and responding to that trigger like hunger or thirst often brings instant vitality. Whilst we still all need real life hugs, the opportunity is to try out which online platform works best for us and the people we are with. Finding thought partners who are there to springboard ideas, opportunities and challenges with will give more bounce = more energy = more motivation, so in 2021 let’s all try to be more trampoline!”


Vilan Van de Loo
Writer & Writing Coach for Entrepreneurs

Virtual workshops will be more important than ever

“In 2021, virtual workshops will be more important than ever. I have been dreading giving webinars but did it and presented my writing workshops with a happy face. Before the broadcast I was tensed. So last spring I stopped. First I felt relief, then not so much. What if I could learn to enjoy it? I renewed my subscription to Webinargeek, announced three workshops and felt tensed again. But I visualised feeling joy while presenting the webinar and each time it helped. And I do actually enjoy it now. So the real challenge is and will be dealing with myself.”