Claudia PaschWomen are catching up in terms of leadership roles, recognizing their uniqueness and natural abilities, and the desire of wanting more.
Self-awareness of who you are, with your thoughts, experiences, values, beliefs and vision is vital to be successful and become the leader you want to be.
During my time at a corporate and now as a Coach, I see many women struggling to finding their path and having a voice. It starts with taking responsibility for your own destiny and the willingness to make some changes and then taking the first step, or as I say “Dream it. Dare it. Do it”.
Here some Success Strategies if you wish to maximize your Leadership:
1.    Know what you want
How will you stand out this year, what is your dream? We can all dream.
A Dream is a goal with a date. Dare to take control by setting your own short and long-term goals and an estimated timeline. If you don’t, others will do it for you and they might not be in line with your expectations. Make sure you implement regular reviews of where you are and be flexible in your approach. The end result is important and there are many ways to get there.
2.    Act like a Woman
Do you dare to know who you really are and what is unique about you?
Many women in the corporate world, work like men and don’t dare to be themselves. They act though, hide their feelings and work long hours. Being authentic is key to success. Be you, listen to your needs and build on your natural strengths like intuition, collaboration, trust and a win-win approach. Do you dare? Never stop to learn, expand your skills and self-awareness and be proud of your achievements. Dare to set your boundaries.
3.    Build your Network
With whom do you have a difficult relationship, what does that say about you?
You cannot do it alone. You will always need other people to succeed. Some of them you will meet again years later in different companies and positions. Build strong relationships with decision makers within your department as well as cross-functional areas, like Finance, IT and HR. Treat everyone with respect and in an assertive way: “I am ok, you are ok”.
4.    Nurture yourself
Where do you get your best ideas? For most of us this is outside work.
Avoid that work becomes your life. For women a healthy work-life balance is key to performing best. Establish priorities, manage your time wisely and plan evening activities to get you out of the office. Take time aside to learn, network and share with like-minded people. Keep track of your successes and celebrate. Start dreaming, daring and do it and you will be rewarded.
Claudia PaschClaudia Pasch, a former VP of TomTom and now qualified Corporate and Executive Coach helps global women leaders to “Dream it. Dare it. Do it” (a 3 step program) to be bold, unique and successful in their work and life.
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