I am incredibly fortunate to have worked with clients from around the world over the past 16 years, introducing them to the services provided by my company. This experience has given me invaluable insights into approaching meetings confidently, sincerely and optimistically. I am enthusiastic about sharing these tips with you, which can help you to make a positive and lasting impression during your meetings. Let’s get started!


I familiarise myself with my customers’ needs or business to ensure a tailored message to meet their expectations and interests. Conducting research beforehand will allow you to focus your presentation on their specific needs and interests.


I consider what I want to accomplish as I prepare for my forthcoming meeting.
Identifying your desired outcome and strategising how to steer the conversation toward that goal will help you feel more confident and effective.


Storytelling is a powerful tool that helps me connect with my customers more deeply. You can create a more engaging and memorable experience by sharing relatable stories and incorporating customer opinions. Remember to keep your message concise and focused, and use visuals to enhance your presentation.


Remember that confidence is critical when it’s time to deliver your presentation. I speak slowly and clearly, establishing eye contact and using body language to emphasise my points. Practicing beforehand makes all the difference; it helps me feel more comfortable and prepared, so I always practice out loud the main ideas I want to ensure are clear.


One last step I always follow is summarising and letting my customers know what will happen after our first meeting. Make sure to follow up. This simple gesture demonstrates your commitment to their success and can help build a stronger, more meaningful relationship. Consistently deliver on what you promised.


Maria Barciela
Co-Founder Across South America
Customized Travel Experiences
& Concierge Services.