Even if your target audience isn’t on LinkedIn!

The beauty of LinkedIn is that you don’t have to search for clients, target leads or do any other scary prospecting shit. You can, but you don’t have to! Fancy, I am waiting at the school gate and another parent talks to me about wanting to optimise their website for SEO. I tell them all about Moran. Or they may want to learn to sing but are self-conscious about it; I’ll tell them about Nancy. In need of an editor to go through their academic paper? Jane to the rescue!

These are women I know through my WBII network; imagine the number of people I know – and can recommend – through my LinkedIn network. So even though the other parent I bump into isn’t on LinkedIn, they are the perfect client for someone I only know through LinkedIn.

This is why you want your network to know all about you and immediately think of YOU when they meet someone who needs specific expertise.

Let’s look at 5 ways to use LinkedIn so that your network turns into raving fans, ambassadors and clients.

1. Become highly visible & memorable

This can be as easy as commenting on other peoples’ posts regularly. Each time you comment, the opening of your LinkedIn Headline is visible. Make sure you open strong with what you do and for whom.

Commenting in 1-2 sentences rather than “Well done”, “Great Post” or “Congratulations” makes people remember you, as you have something to say. Weave in a keyword each time and people start to associate you with your expertise.

2. Become well-liked and respected

Sharing is caring, right? Posting is the first thing that comes to mind when sharing your expertise. Don’t underestimate the opportunities to share your expertise in comments as well. When you add to the conversation it is one of the most natural, casual ways to be seen as that great person always willing to help.

3. Recommend people in your network

Give recommendations to people you’ve hired. More importantly though, when someone posts a question, mention someone from your network in a comment. Go beyond the: “@BethFarris, can you help with this?” Instead say: “@BethFarris is an amazing business and marketing mentor. When you talk to her you’ll gain clarity in no time”. Guess who Beth will recommend next time someone she knows needs your expertise?

4. Fix up your profile

When you start to show up more and more, people are bound to check out your profile. Now you’ve got seconds (like any website) to keep them entertained. Your banner and headline need to send one strong message about what you do and for whom. Record a 30-second video to upload behind your profile picture. When people hear your voice and see your facial expressions, then your online presence suddenly turns into a real person. Where you can record the pronunciation, you actually have 10 seconds of audio… enough for a quick introduction or pitch.

5. Values and personality

Your knowledge and experience are important, but you (and I) are 13 to the dozen. Ultimately your personality and values (“Are you my kinda person?”) are what determines the buyer decision. Make sure you add your personality and values throughout your profile, posts and comments.


By Petra Fisher
LinkedIn Trainer & Coach


Cover Photo credit Petra Fisher