Suzy OgeBig thanks to all of you for supporting the WBII over the years and making my farewell WBII evening at the International Club truly remarkable!!
What a surprise to see some faces I hadn’t seen in years. That evening demonstrated one of the most special things about the WBII…it is truly dynamic!
Photo Gallery: June Networking and Surprise Farewell
Since founding the WBII in 2005, I have had the pleasure to meet and work with literally hundreds who have been involved along the way.
From the beginning the WBII tag line has been “Imagine the possibilities”; a call to action to dream big, seize opportunities, collaborate to create opportunity, and just go for it.
Among the wisdom I’ve gathered from the WBII experience is the realization that in order to thrive (not merely survive), you have to let go of “what might have been” (plan A) and keep looking to evolve into what could be tomorrow (plan B, C, D, etc.)!
When my dream of the WBII was conceived, the intention was to stay in the Netherlands only a few years, make it financially self-sufficient and then hand it over to others as a kind of cooperative.
The years extended to many more than I imagined and making it sustainable proved to be a real challenge, but I couldn’t be more pleased with the team of amazing women who stepped forward and started sharing the responsibility of the WBII, long before my move was on the horizon. It is a tremendous feat to hand over the WBII today, assured that it is sustainable, thriving and valuable.
I will remain a member of the board and will still actively be involved as part of the team. I created the WBII because I strongly believed that it should exist and could be a real catalyst for women in business. I am very proud of the women who do utilize the WBII to accelerate the success of their business.
My call to action to you today is this… When you reach the point in your business that you say to yourself, I don’t need the WBII anymore; that is exactly the moment it needs you most!
The best is yet to come!