We are delighted to announce another collaboration amongst our members: introducing Think, Talk and Tinker, an initiative of Ute Limacher-Riebold, Jet Sichterman and Lana Jelenjev.
Under this name they will share their knowledge about child development and parenting through various events. Their first event is planned for April 18th in The Hague as part of the ‘Week of the Young Child’.

Event: Celebrating Our Youngest Of Learners

Think, Talk & TinkerLocation: The ABC Treehut, The Hague
Date: Saturday 18 April 2015, 13:00-16:30
Cost: €15

Topics and Speakers:

THINK: Promoting a Culture of Thinking at Home – Lana Jelenjev
What do we mean by promoting a culture of thinking at home? Why is it important? How do you see it in your family activities, communication and norms? This introductory workshop presents the basics of establishing family cultures and aims to give examples of thinking routines that can be used at home.
In this workshop, parents will be presented with activities that promote thinking in young children through the use of art exploration, reading and play.
About the Speaker:
Lana Jelenjev is an Educational Consultant whose passion for learning and teaching has led her to focus on curriculum design and innovation. Her goal is to incorporate compassion in educational programs while promoting a culture of thinking in homes and in schools. She blogs about her ideas at www.smarttinker.com.
TALK: Effective Communication with Children – Ute Limacher-Riebold
Children go through a number of distinct stages of language development. If we recognize their individual developmental milestones and understand their needs by communicating with them in the most effective and strengths-based way, this will not only enhance a two-way communication, but also improve their critical thinking, build their self-confidence and promote their coping skills.
During this talk, Ute Limacher-Riebold will outline what an effective verbal and non-verbal communication with children (from 0-12) entails and share some quick and positive techniques.
About the Speaker:
Ute Limacher-Riebold (Ph.D. in Linguistics and Literature) is a multilingual personal coach and trainer for Internationally living families at Ute’s Expat Lounge. In her practice she focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication and positive, empowering and respectful use of language.
TINKER: Parenting the Young Child: the Importance of Play – Jet Sichterman
Young children and playfulness are almost like two sides of the same coin. Thinking of young children, we imagine them playing and, thinking of play, we think of them. Not surprising, because play is one of the most important ‘motors’ for child development, certainly in the early years. Through play, children learn to walk and to talk. It also helps form the basis for children’s social skills, attention, logical thinking and imagination.
During this talk, Jet Sichterman will walk you through the play-stages of early childhood (0-6 years) and suggest which lessons can be learned. Practical solutions will be discussed to stimulate the play and development of young children.
About the Speaker:
Jet Sichterman supports the social and emotional needs of children through her practice Expat Child Psychology. Jet is passionate about stimulating the development of young children and loves to incorporate play into her work. She believes having fun is the best recipe for learning.
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