Meet the WBII Board of Directors

The WBII is an association run by the members for the members. Our Board of Directors consists of committed members, each taking specific responsibilities to support the WBII but functioning as a team. Our Board members give their time on a voluntary basis. They meet regularly to establish, review and implement the business strategy of the WBII, ensuring that our association is on track and sustainable. We aim to have around six members on the Board, each bringing in specific skills.

The Board of Management

Within the Board of Directors, there are several core roles and responsibilities; these form the Board of Management. The Board of Management meets on a monthly basis, each member committing to an average of ±10 hours per month (and at times more) on WBII business, and is responsible for day-to-day operations.

Members currently serving on the Board of Management are: Charlene Lambert (President), Dymphna Elsink (Vice-President), Lisa Hall (Treasurer), Natalie Carstens (Secretary) and Moran Greenwald.

General Board Members

Our Board members provide much needed support for special projects and activities. Each member represents one of the WBII Support Teams:

Communications on the Board of Directors

All Board members meet twice a year to take stock of how we are doing, and to recalibrate plans. Outside of these meetings, our Board members are regularly and informally in touch, to share information, to coordinate and work on projects, and to keep everything moving forward.





The WBII Advisory Board

In addition to the Board of Directors, we also have an Advisory Board; this is an essential link to the broader business community and provides strategic direction for our association. The experience and invaluable expertise they bring infuses the WBII with new energy and direction and we are grateful for their support.

Our Advisory Board members currently include: Suzy Ogé (Founder of the WBII), Charlene Lambert (Founding Member and instrumental in setting up the WBII), Toon Buddingh (renowned Cluster Innovation Guru), Inge Zweerts de Jong (Owner, ZJHT Risk and Insurance Specialists BV and WBII Member), and Sinéad Hewson (Owner, TpEBO and WBII Member).