WBII-Networking-November-2013-1The first thing I did this morning was to go to the office supply store and get myself a red file for my important business papers.
But there was more to learn from Karin van Leersum’s presentation at our last network event – the need to get organised, to separate your invoices from bills, etc. and of course, the warning not to play around with your parking receipts.
WBII-Networking-November-2013Thank you Karin, and welcome back!
In more ways, the evening was a great success. It was wonderful to share together the launching of new websites, the opening of two new web stores, a new book, the collaboration of Lisa Hall and Renée Veldman-Tentori and to know that we have award winning Charlotte Meindersma in our group.
This energy is contagious, so let’s continue to support and learn from each other.
Thanks so much for your participation!
Akkie OkmaAkkie Okma
WBII President & Owner of Okma Advies
[slideshow id=8]photo credits: Natalie Carstens