Our International Women’s Day celebration on 8 March is just 12 days away! Have you bought your ticket?


For the afternoon workshops, we are pleased to announce that Nominee for “Life in Public Works” award, Madi Sharma, will be travelling to join us and give her much acclaimed presentation “Women! – You must be the change you want to see!”.
For our second workshop we bring you a vitamin dream team of empowering, professional women from the Women’s Leadership Company, Open The Door, including Sarah Brown, Manuela Damant and Johanna Nesbitt, on the subject of Female Leadership: Leaders like YOU!

Workshop/Presentation: Women! You must be the change you want to see!

Madi Sharma – EESC, Rapporteur female entrepreneurship, Founder Global Entrepreneur Envoy, Chair of the Madi Group

Madi SharmaVictim to Change Maker Madi Sharma will show you how to exceed your ambitions and achieve your goals without using a business plan! She will share how her role in the European Economic and Social Committee empowers her to represent women and entrepreneurs across the world.
Madi Sharma is an Entrepreneur who founded and runs the Madi Group, a group of International private sector & not for profit companies, and NGOs.  The philosophy is to create innovative ideas tailored to local action which can achieve global impacts beneficial to a sustainable society.  She is also a member of The European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.
Madi is a public speaker internationally, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship, female entrepreneurship, diversity; gender balance and her passion for corporate social responsibility CSR. Her presentations, spoken from the heart, motivate and inspire and seek to make others consider their ability to affect change.  It is now tagged #MadiEffect
– TEDx: Madi Sharma, Victim to changemaker
– Madi Sharma @Forum One – Inspiring Stories Session

Workshop/Presentation: Leaders like YOU

Sarah Brown (Partner and expert on Women’s Leadership), Manuela Damant (Co-Founder) and Johanna Nesbitt (Founding Partner) Women’s Leadership Company, Open The Door.

The world needs leaders like you.
Women’s tendency for inaction, hesitation and ‘need to please’ is holding us all back.
The world NEEDS you and your fresh perspective.
During our 45 minutes workshop we will shatter your preconceptions of what it takes to be a leader, reconnect you with the powerful leader inside you and move you towards purposeful action knowing you’ve got the support of the amazing women around you.
Your Open The Door Team
Sarah, Manuela & Johanna
Sarah Brown, Manuela Damant and Johanna Nesbitt are the three passionate, inspiring and energetic women behind the Women’s Leadership Company Open The Door. They get what it’s like to be female leaders in today’s world. They are three international professionals with diverse backgrounds who have combined their unique specialties & strengths to offer coaching, mentoring, training, and workshops to women on a wide range of topics including influence, assertiveness, personal engagement, professional and personal leadership, and managing relationships, in both professional and personal life.

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