WBII International Community Calendar 2015Our theme for 2015 is “The Melting Pot of The Hague”.
Next year’s calendar will be a photographic beauty once again, showcasing The Hague as an international AND multicultural city.
It will feature images of the many multicultural festivals, communities and events which take place in The Hague to celebrate the diversity of its population.
Would you like to submit artwork or photography? We’ll be announcing a call for images shortly.
Advertising Opportunities
For those wanting to take an advertising spot, only ONE organisation/business will be highlighted per month, therefore offering you an exclusive feature for your selected month.
In addition to the monthly adverts, members of the WBII are offered a special advertising feature in a section dedicated to WBII members only.
The Calendar will be full of helpful dates, important expat information and a platform to highlight your business in support of the expat community in the Hague area.
Contact Lisa Hall at lisa@lemonberry.com for further details.