Annual Reports

Every year, we celebrate by sharing our successes in our Annual Report. Click below to view the latest reports:

WBII International Community Calendar

The International Community Calendar was a project started by Lisa Hall back in 2011 to bring greater awareness of the WBII to the International Community in The Hague. The WBII board retired this project in 2018 after many successful years!

I am happy and proud to be a member of WBII. Starting my own business it was valuable for my motivation and determination to succeed, to share ideas, expertise, experienced and knowledge with like-minded women of WBII. Being supported by a group of authentic women entrepreneurs, being able to expose my feelings, fears and hesitations; and the same time supporting others in their goals and contributing to the WBII community is so very empowering. I am an active member and a Fair Coordinator. Through my activities with WBII I gained many new contacts and clients and I learned the necessary networking skills in a short time. I am running my own business Feng Shui Interior Design successfully in Delft

Darina Veen

Feng Shui Interior Design