The Light Wave Psychologists Practice is giving each month, 3 individuals 1 FREE session to tell their story, ask questions and seek professional advice.
Aiming at quality and maximum support that is achievable in 1 meeting, each FREE session will be 50 minutes long. The sessions will be held at Dr. Sharon Galor’s practice in Amsterdam (Sloterdijk).
How does it work? You need to sign up with this link. First of all, everyone who signs up instantly gets a FREE easy stepwise know – how guide to problem solving, which is packed with the right questions and strategies for finding your best available solution to your stressful problems.
Towards the end of each month, 3 individuals will randomly be selected from the people who subscribed to the blog. You will then be contacted by email to arrange the time of your session. Dr. Sharon Galor wants you to have the maximum support that you need when you need it. Thus, should you prefer to reserve the session to when you will need it in the future that is possible too.
Please visit to find out more about the type of adversities that Dr. Galor can help you with.

sharongDr.Sharon Galor helps adult expats demolish their obstacles,unlock their fears, strengthen capacities and realize the life that they yearn for. Dr. Galor’s research has been published in prominent peer-reviewed scientific journals. She is also the author of Be assertive! Be your authentic self!, a straightforward and easy CBT workbook.