New this fall, the Autism Parent Support Programme

… for international families who have recently come to understand their child has autism.
The Autism Parent Support Programme aims to offer parents a safe space to explore their emotions in coping with the diagnosis and daily struggles, and informs which options are available to them in the Netherlands. The 8 week programme is a collaboration between child psychologists Jet Sichterman (Expat Child Psychology) and Ekaterina Evdokimova (PsyCompass) and educational consultant Helen Claus (Inclusion4All), who will each contribute from within their own specialty.
Starting September 25th. Information & registration

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WBII Member, Jet Sichterman of Expat Child Psychology also offers other supporting programmes for international families. Among these, is the Social Skills 4 Kids programme which has a few openings remaining for groups starting in September, for boys and girls who want to gain more confidence in their social interactions. More information and registration: