From our member, Sharon Galor of The Light Wave Psychologists Practice.
be-assertive-sharon-galor-bookI am really proud and delighted to share with you that I have published my book: Be Assertive! Be your authentic self!
It is cognitive behavioural therapy workbook that will help the reader become more assertive, as well as, strengthen the self-esteem.
This is not another book that puts a plaster on the problem. There are no bells and whistles that would bedazzle and distract from the issue at hand. Nor will the reader have to go through many pages to dig out a grain of gold. It is a straightforward, easy and practical book that tackles the problems head on.
My book asks the necessary hard questions, challenges key psychological barriers and teaches strategies that can be put directly and efficiently into practice in real life situations.
You can get an impression of the book by reading the excerpts in this article: The 6 things that assertive communicators know and apply in their lives
You can buy a paperback copy here!
Or go for the Ebook!
– Congratulations, Sharon!