Global Entrepreneurship Week became a whirlwind of activity at the Women’s Business Initiative International!  The purpose of designating the week is a worldwide effort to bring people together to celebrate and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The themes and events were pertinent to all those hoping to grow a business from ideas into actions, and actions into success. Nearly 1 million people in 56 countries joined together to form this global movement.

Women are rapidly becoming a large presence in the world of entrepreneurship. Successful female entrepreneurs are changing the faces of many industries and broadening perceptions of what it takes to thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace – local and global. The Women’s Business Initiative International is active in the Netherlands promoting the place of women entrepreneurs and business owners.

Global Entrepreneurship Week at the WBII included the topics; Getting Published,  Financing Your Dream, Pricing and Pitching for Service Providers and Blogging for Business.

A highlight of the week was a Business Lunch Round Table Discussion with the Theme Big Ideas for Small Business. The discussion was interactive and lively.  the focus was on thriving in the current business climate and beyond and Succeeding through Collaboration.  Men and women from diverse business sectors and nationalities participated and requested follow up sessions on related topics!