Barbara Reale is a communicative holistic practitioner which explains enthusiastically how to reclaim and maintain health in a suistainable manner.
Having completed a five year post graduate diploma in Naturopathy, she has been working   as nutrition practioner  for several years in italian slim  and wellnesscenters.
Afterwards she spent a couple of years in Indonesia, where she also lectured, organised seminars and  healthy cooking workshops. Barbara now works in The Netherlands.
Specific programmes can be designed towards weight loss, cholesterol lowering management, diabetes management, pregnancy and breastfeeding care, stress management, arthritic conditions, menopause, depression and so on.
She works using Flower Therapy, personalized nutritional suplementation  or detoxification programs , naturopathic herbal remedies and promoting life style changes to meet client’s goals and expectations.
Barbara is specialised in holistic medicine because the causes of disease  have often a mixed misunderstood origin. So many of our health problems can be fatigue, allergy or intolerance related. On april the 11th, she’ll share with you her knowledge about body and mind  interactions on health.
Please join us on the 11th of April from 9.30 till 11.00 (drop in morning)
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