Brandi started her business because she loves to help families and children ‘get the most out of life’ – in helping families and children to overcome the challenges they face in their lives, she is enabled to inspire success by offering healthy alternatives to maladaptive or otherwise unhealthy behaviours.
Currently, Brandi is working through Family Centred Consulting Services to help families with children whose behavioural patterns prevent them from fulfilling their potential through cognitive behavioural consultations. She also collaborates through Family Solutions Netherlands with other international and Dutch practitioners and organizations in order to build an even stronger sense of community for families living in the Netherlands by finding community information and service programs that have grown out of the shared strengths of both expatriate and Dutch society.
She seeks to complete her Psy.D. and expand her practice internationally so that she can further support and serve the international community. She also aims to help with research regarding neurological studies of the impact of trauma and transitions on the developing brain, which will be instrumental in many areas, especially academic, health and clinical services.
Brandi suggests to anyone who is currently running their own business, or starting a new one, to be sure that they ‘know their niche, what makes their work unique’, and reach out to others in similar areas of work, even people that would appear to be a source of competition, to ‘examine mutual interests’ and to be present and available in the business community, readily ‘making your name known’.
Her passion outside of her business is children’s welfare and children’s rights, which she follows with a determination and strength given her from overcoming severe trauma from an early age and later travelling the world and helping others overcome their own traumas and challenges.
Name: Brandi McCollum, M.Ed.
Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Nationality: American