640px-Olympic_Rings.svgThe Olympic Games are going on in full swing, and all kinds of records are being broken. The good news is that the WBII is also breaking records!
Never before have so many of you pre-registered in early February for the International Women’s Day dinner on March 8th.  The way registrations are going so far, we will have a record number of guests, and of course, a lovely evening, with our great speaker Marianne Abib-Pech, and lots of other surprises.
The New Year has also started well with new sponsorships, and we warmly welcome Big Ben Kids Centre and Lucro Accountants as new sponsors. Other sponsors who have also supported us over the years, and continue to do so, are Access, the law firm GMW Advocaten, Webster University, and insurance specialists ZJHT. We are extremely thankful to our sponsors for their support, and look forward to the unique collaboration we have with each of them.
In upcoming newsletters, we will be paying special attention to our sponsors, and  in this month’s issue, you will already read more about Big Ben Kids Centre. If you or your friends and business associates are looking for some great service providers, please contact and recommend our sponsors. In doing so, you will also indirectly be supporting WBII.
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Last but not least, we welcome many new members to WBII: Vanessa Smith (Crafting Connection), Azra Secerbegovic (ASPA), Maaike Lafarre (Body Flex 4 You), Alison Day (Alison Day Designs), Nadezhda Pashkova (Travel Agency), Nira Satguru (Future of Learning) and Chrisoula Papadopoulou (so to… business). We are delighted to welcome again so many entrepreneurial women in our business network! We’re looking forward to seeing you at our network events, and to getting to know you better.  We hope to exchange knowledge and experiences with each other, and to support each other with our business ventures.
Akkie_skatingLet the Olympic Games inspire you to reach new personal records!
Akkie Okma
WBII President