Ceci WongAn open letter to all,
I had started to write this the day that I got the news from Suzy. As you all know, Suzy will be moving to Jakarta in July. This is an exciting new journey and a new chapter for her and her family. Of course, it comes as a shock to all of us and we are deeply saddened by this news.
Naturally, this doesn’t mean that the WBII will no longer exist. Suzy has been the name and face of the WBII for the past 8 years. She had started the organization with the intent to help women in business, and that she has done…and then some. A countless number of startups and businesses have benefited from this platform over the years. I know I was a lost little entrepreneur last year, but the guidance from Suzy, and all that I’ve learned at the networking meetings, have been very valuable and have helped me grow as a professional. For this I am eternally grateful. Suzy was always available for advice, intensive brainstorming sessions full of ideas, encouragement, motivation, and accountability. There is much we have all learned from her!
While it does mean we are losing our leader, the WBII will continue to operate with the support of my fellow Executive Board members…a group of passionate, enthusiastic, motivated, hard working women that I am proud to call my Board members. These women devote an incredible amount of time and energy to their network, and to helping other women. These members do this on a voluntary basis, in addition to running their own businesses and their families. It is inspiring how these women truly apply the core values of the WBII, and it is very fulfilling to be part of a group whose members are so passionate about this organization as much as I am.
Suzy, you have been and continue to be an inspiration to us all. We wish you all the best in Indonesia and you will surely be missed!
Ceci Wong
Proud Member of the WBII