For the WBII, the theme this year is collaboration.
This may have gotten you thinking:  how can you leverage your WBII connections and use the power of the network?
Here are three great examples:

1.  Reach Out & Offer Content

One great way to collaborate is to reach out to fellow WBII-ers with your own content.  Vivienne McAllister-Geertz did this with Allison Hamilton-Rohe — she offered a guest blog post and Allison gladly accepted!
Allison is working on her book proposal right now, so getting Vivienne’s offer of help was wonderful.  Plus, Allison’s readers benefit from Vivienne’s great advice about skin care — and Vivienne will promote the blog on her own network.
For Vivienne, she increases her reach by getting access to Allison’s readers and gets the benefit of Allison promoting her to a her own network.
Check out the article here.

2.  Create a Blog Circle

Another great way to collaborate is to create a blog circle.  Form a team with fellow WBII’ers who have a similar ideal client to yours.  You can each write a guest blog post for each other over time.  Not only do your readers benefit from all this expert advice, but you also can enjoy promoting your fellow WBII’ers.
Susan de Vriend, Ute Limacher-Riebold, Sharon Galor and Allison Hamilton-Rohe will be debuting their own blog circle this month, starting with Susan writing for Ute.  She’ll post on the Facebook page when it’s up so you can check it out.

3.  Work on a Project!

Writing may not be the best way for you to collaborate with those within our network.  Instead, you may want to work on a project together.
For example, Caroline Van Mourik and Allison Hamilton-Rohe are teaming up with several other coaches to host a Mother-Daughter Day for Malala this Fall.  All of them will be donating their services to raise money for this amazing organization, PLUS creating a truly memorable day for the participants.
In terms of business growth, Caroline will get a chance to branch out into locations in Amsterdam and run a charitable day event with multiple professionals.  At the same time, the coaches and Caroline will all be raising visibility for their businesses.  There are so many exciting possibilities for ancillary activities that will not only market the event, but also deepen the group’s reach around the topic.

So What Makes a Great Collaboration?

Think about the time you have to spend, what you enjoy doing and with whom you would like to grow a relationship.  Working together can be a wonderful way to deepen your connections, grow your knowledge and offer more to your ideal clients.  Plus, it helps to beat the isolation of entrepreneurship!

What Could a Collaboration Do For Your Business?

Whether it’s tackling a business goal, branching out into new offerings or simply raising visibility, a collaboration is a great way to grow your business.

Take Action

Ask yourself these questions:  Who do you enjoy?  What do you need to learn?  How might a collaboration help you?
At our next networking event, come with a plan to approach someone about collaboration.  You never know where it might lead!

Allison Hamilton-RoheAllison Hamilton-Rohe:  I am a Personal Style Coach from New York, currently living in Leiden.  I created a unique formula to help you discover your personal style.  Through my company, DailyOutfit, I coach you to define your true beauty and translate it into a personal style you can inhabit with ease.  To learn more about me, check out my site, follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.