I teach accompanying partners and mobile career adventurers how to navigate their career across international borders, occupational boundaries and changing times.
I do this through:
– facilitating the Career in Your Suitcase Way program– my book A Career in Your Suitcase, 4th ed.
– sharing my Reinvent Yourself talk with groups
– my Career Tools 101 guest lecture and workshop for international students
– one to one coaching
– tailor-made workshops and presentations.
I started my company, CJS Career Consulting in 1998 in Canada and brought it with me to the Netherlands in 2005.
I am certified as a Global Career Development Facilitator.
Name: Colleen Reichrath-Smith
Profession: Career Consultant
Industry Sector: Employment
Company: CJS Career Consulting / A Career in Your Suitcase
Address: The Hague area, the Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (6) 1147 4535
Email: info@cjscareers.com
Website: www.cjscareers.com / www.careerinyoursuitcase.com

Connect online:
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