Make yourself visible!You start a business and need people, customers, clients, relations to get to know you. And, you would like to create a certain image. Putting effort in your communication and PR is then necessary! If people don’t know about you, your products or your services or if they are not reminded about them, then how can they buy from you or hire you?
You must make yourself visible. Investing in Communinications and PR – which can cover a wide range of (e-mail) marketing, prospecting communications, advertising, customer/client outreach efforts, press releases and website – can be a keyfactor to success. In this workshop we will give an insight in how to manage this important part of your business, focusing on dealing with the press.
Topics include:
* Short insight into the Dutch media-landscape;
* Why invest in Communications and PR? What did you already do?;
* First think, then act; problem, goals, strategy, target-groups, positioning, messages, means of communications, budget, etc.;
* Which means of communications could you use (press release, newsletter, e-mailings, sponsoring, etc.)?
* Reaching out to the press; what is considered newsworthy?;
* By which means could you reach the media and which media are appropriate?
* 10 rules of how to write a press release;
* Being creative with a small budget;
* Cases; traditional and new (online media, storytelling).
The workshop will be lead by WBII member Lianne de Vries who runs MevrouwdeVries and has a broad experience in Communications and PR. More information on (in Dutch)
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Friday, 19. June 2009, 10:00 – 12:00