An old tool finds new uses in Career Development and Work Search.
Whether you want to use it as a support during transition, a marketing tool, or as a way to keep and organize your career stuff, you will find that a portfolio is not just for architects, models, actors, designers and artists anymore. During this workshop you get organized, start your portfolio, and be ready to keep adding to it for the rest of your career. Of course you won’t finish because you will keep adding to it for the rest of your career!
Facilitator: Colleen Reichrath-Smith teaches career development principles needed today to manage careers and navigate career transitions successfully. Colleen put these principles that she had been teaching for over 8 years in Canada to the test when she moved to the Netherlands 4 years ago. Within two years she was working as a freelancer, facilitating training in Dutch. During her transition to the Netherlands, Colleen experienced on a whole new level the value and benefits of having her own portfolio.
Cost: € 65,–
Date: Thursday, 11. March 2010, 09:30 – 12:00
Register: – Registration ends one week before the workshop. The workshop will run when the minimum enrolment is reached.