A review of the April networking evening by Natalie Carstens
1Our April networking event was a small but lively one due to the holidays. We were all ears as Image Stylist and Consultant, Anne Bybjerg, took us through the work she does in answering the question: who am I and how do I want to present myself?
Anne covered aspects such as style, colour, make-up, wardrobe and the importance of not following fashion or trends but to discover what works well for each of us. She shared tips regarding the choice of form depending on body proportions and optical illusions we could use. She touched on grooming and posture, all the essentials in order to convey a strong and positive first impression.
Classic, romantic, dramatic, natural, or sporty.. what is your style? Knowing your style will save you money and time. It stops you from making mistakes and shopping will be much more fun.
Style is a reflection of your personality. Women may gravitate to one style, or it could be a combination of 2 or 3. Style can also depend on your mood and you’ll find your choice of clothes will differ depending on how you are feeling that day.
Colours and patterns
Choosing warm versus cold colors for your clothing will depend primarily on physical attributes such as hair and eye colour, skin tone and complexion. Be aware that some colours can change your skin tone, your lip colour, or give you dark circles under your eyes and make you look older, whilst other colours can make you look healthy and confident. You want the colours to look natural; work with what you already have.
Patterns show your personality, they are personal to the individual rather than something you should or should not wear. Opt for patterns that compliment your body lines.
TIP: Create a “corporate corner” in your wardrobe, so you can dress quickly and easily in the mornings.
Personal grooming
You might be surprised to discover that light make-up is more natural and groomed than no make-up. Invest in some mineral power for a natural, healthy look.
Body language
Posture is really important. It can give an immediate impression that you are confident, trust worthy and an expert in your field of work.

  • firm handshake
  • keep eye contact
  • smile
  • stand tall
  • sit up straight
  • look interested
  • be prepared

Be confident
Ultimately, the right outfit makes you feel comfortable, which in turn will give you confidence. When you look good, you feel good, and can focus on what you need to do to confidently go about your business.
[slideshow id=11]photo credits: Ceci Wong & Anne Bybjerg