This programme is designed for internationals who just arrived to The Hague.
5 steps to ENJOY international life - Ute's LoungeIf you are an Accompanying Partner, i.e. you followed your partner abroad, you usually have to figure out by yourself how to function in the new place.
In her E.N.J.O.Y. Programme, Ute offers you support and practical advice on navigating your life in the Netherlands successfully, so that you can focus on what you’re more passionate about and on what you want to achieve in the new place.
In this programme you will get:

  • an introduction to the local culture and language,
  • discover the new place (where to find what and how to get there)
  • meet people who are in a similar situation
  • and Ute will guide and support you to take one step at a time.

You can choose between a “5 weeks programme” and a “3 hour workshop“.
For further information, please see Ute’s Lounge or contact Ute directly at

ute-limacher-riebold-100Ute Limacher-Riebold is a Coach, Consultant and Trainer for Internationals.
She is an intercultural communications trainer and expert in linguistics. She speaks fluently Deutsch, Italiano, Français, English and Nederlands, and has a lifelong experience of living abroad. She lives in The Hague since 2005 with her Swissgerman husband and three children.