The WBII introduced the Entrepreneurial Initiative Awards at the International Women’s Day event at the Carlton Ambassador Hotel on 8 March to recognize three core values; Ambition, Social Innovation and Networking.

The winners:
Corina Waaijer, owner of the new Hotel Mozaic in The Hague received the Ambition Award and shared some of her adventures in buying, rebuilding and opening a new boutique hotel.  Amusingly, yet sincerely, she said she didn’t think she had done anything special, just exactly what anyone would do who dreamed of opening a hotel since she was a teenager and did so at the age of 31. The students of New Business School Amsterdam were particularly charmed by Corina’s account of her initiation into entrepreneurship.
Debritu Lusteau, of Meleya Coffee was recognized for Social Innovation.  In addition to her lofty goal of branding Ethiopia, she collaborates with students of the New Business School Amsterdam, (a few joined her onstage) and students in Ethiopia, where she had flown back from earlier that day after a week of working with students from both countries.
Deborah Valentine, a hand in the Hague, was awarded Networker of the Year 2009. Although her business is still in the early stages, she is generous in connecting people in a meaningful and authentic way and will succeed because networking is a way of life for her, not an event or a transaction.  Deborah was so surprised by the award, that she was left speechless and that never happens!