June 2014 Networking EveningWe were delighted to welcome Severina Scarnecchia to speak at our June networking evening. Severina is an EU Government Affairs Independent consultant. Currently she is a Senior Advisor of Avisa Partners and is working for several clients in the field of Environment, Health & Research & Innovation.
Many of us were new to the topic of European Funding and there was a lot of information shared; Severina’s objective was to encourage people to try and explore this chance as there is plenty of opportunity out there.
Severina talked us through the reasons to apply for funding, what is available, what conditions apply, who is eligible and how one can apply, and it was great to see that there are possibilities for small businesses to apply for funding.
Of particular interest to the members of the WBII is the COSME programme and the European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs.

COSME programme

This is a programme that is running from 2014-2020, with a planned budget to help small and medium sized entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs and their businesses are key to European growth and competitiveness, they are looking into supporting Entrepreneurs.

The European Network of Mentors for Women Entrepreneurs

Their role is promoting women entrepreneurship as a complement action; advice and support to women for the early phase of their enterprises.
The presentation closed with Severina explaining the importance of educating the youth and stimulating the entrepreneurial mindsets of the youth; Europe needs more entrepreneurs.

Thank you

Many thanks to Severina for her in-depth presentation of what is possible in terms of EU Funding. It was a very interesting evening.
Those interested can download a copy of Severina’s presentation here (useful links and resources are included).
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