by Charlene Lambert

Connecting to & with local entrepreneurs

WBII is working hand in hand with the MKB (Dutch Small and Medium sized Business Association) to bring the international and Dutch communities more closely in contact with each other.   We are looking to organize several small get-togethers (networking opportunities) where 12 -15 members of the WBII can get to know 12 – 15 members of  the MKB.  The idea is to meet new people so that we can enlarge our networks. The MKB members are also interested in internationalization, and WBII members can be a potential source of support in this area. 
Three get-togethers are now being planned over the next 9 months. These would  take place at a local café in The Hague, in an area reserved for our meet-up.  The event would run from about 5:30 to about 8:30 p.m., and during the evenings, groups of 4 would sit together and exchange information on their businesses.  Guests would change tables, so that by the end of the evening, you would have come in contact with at least 12 new people in the other network and have some new tips, leads or ideas that can help you with your business.

Interested in networking?

All are welcome to join, and it doesn’t matter what sector of business you are working in.  Instead, the idea is to reach out and increase your network and visibility in the Dutch business community, and to support the Dutch MKB contacts you meet to internationalize. The idea is also to see if you have any contacts or tips that you can share with each other.
This is an initial enquiry to try to get an idea as to how many WBII members would be interested in participating.  If there is enough interest, then we will go ahead with organizing the first event this coming autumn.
For further information, please contact Charlene Lambert at