Experience the 6th annual “i am not a tourist” Fair, Expatica´s lifestyle fair for internationals and expatriates living in the Netherlands, on Sunday, 25 October. Mark it down on your calendar and visit us at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam!
The “i am not a tourist” Fair 2009 will have all the valuable resources from previous years, but with extra attention given to lifestyle and community related resources for the experienced expat. Those of you that already have your bearings in the Netherlands can therefore enjoy as many of this year’s features as the new comers, including food, entertainment and networking fixtures. A number of artists and photographers, Dutch and international, will also be exhibiting their work.
So if you have lived in the Netherlands for some time already, come to the fair to discover what’s going on in the rest of the expat community and what you still don’t know about your adopted country. This year’s fair is all about enriching your life abroad, whether you are new to the expat lifestyle or an old hand!
Regarding those practical necessities, for those new to the Netherlands and in need of information, our fair will supply its traditional selection of the best expat resources this country has to offer. The “i am not a tourist” Fair brings a broad range of companies and agencies, who specialise in expatriate services together under one roof. From banks, investment firms and insurance companies to schools and tax agencies, all have their place in our fair. The stand holders are waiting to help you with house hunting, finding a job, immigration and permits, staying long term, and much more.
Whether you’ve lived in the Netherlands for 5 months, 5 years or even if you haven’t yet made the move, you will surely find a free class or entertainment session of interest to you.
The “i am not a tourist” Fair gives you instant access to the international community, be it through individuals, groups, clubs, or businesses.
One day will present a wealth of information and resources to boost your life abroad. So join us on Sunday, 25 October, for what has become an expat institution. Online registrations will open in mid-June.