If you are smiling to everybody, then where is all your anger going?

  • Why would anger be expressed in an explosive and not in a positive way?
    Anger is a healthy human emotion used as a natural response to real and unavoidable problems in our lives. Experiencing it can be liberating and even positive.
  • Do you know how many emotions are hiding behind your angry face?
    Excessive or misplaced anger can be just the top of the iceberg; a mask hiding grief, embarrassment, rejection, regret, worry, etc. If we don’t know what the source is, our physical and mental health but also our relationships with others can become seriously affected as soon as anger overtakes the control of our daily life.
  • How many times has your anger caught you by surprise? Were there any warning signs?
    Most of the times we can’t predict, get rid of, nor change the things or people that enrage us. But we can learn to spot the early signs or causes of our anger; we can learn to change the way we perceive it; and we can learn to control our reactions to it, without neglecting the expression of our feelings.

Join in this powerful workshop and let it guide you on an internal reflection about your anger and on how to manage it, using a healthy and adequate response.
This workshop is a collaboration between a psychologist (Vassia Sarantopoulou) and a drama-therapist (Joana Moreira). It will include lots of acting-out exercises and practical advice.
Join them and see the results yourself!
DATES: 9 October (The Hague) & 16 October (Amsterdam)
REGISTRATION: For more information and to book your place, visit The Anti-Loneliness Project.

Vassia-Sarantopoulou-100Vassia Sarantopoulou is a counselor-psychologist working with clients in one-to-one sessions but also organising group workshops. Her clients’ inner peace, independence and motivation is her main goal.