The WBII provides a network where you can take chances, grow and learn in a safe environment.
Sue LawrenceSue Lawrence, a writer and business coach, recently reached out to her fellow members of the WBII. She was looking to practice her recently acquired coaching tools on how to attract your perfect customers. In no time, Sue had gathered a lot of interest and plans were made for the first group to meet.
Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Through WBII members’ gentle support and encouragement, I have stepped around my fear of marketing myself and asking to be paid. By presenting my workshop to this safe, welcoming group, I was able to build my confidence enough to then go on to ask to be paid for my work. These are small feats in the spectrum of entrepreneurship but they are giant steps for me. The WBII is a powerful platform to launch us all towards success.”

Here’s what some of her workshop participants had to say:

“Thank you to Sue who recently helped me understand what makes me ‘tick’ in her training session on attracting the perfect clients. Sue delivered two well-prepared, people-centred group sessions. I discovered new insights for myself and my business and learned from Sue’s approach to facilitating. I have great respect for her authenticity and ability to be present to the group and honour the group learning process.”
Colleen Reichrath-Smith, CJS Careers & Career in your Suitcase

“Sue, you were amazing and the workshop really induced a shift in all of us. I very much admired your calm, professional, deeply caring and focused manner as we were enthusiastically taking off in all directions!! You kept us together, on track and brought out something special in each of us! I do hope now you will run it for the rest of the world, it is worth every penny!”
Julie Kennedy, Kennedy Personal Coaching

“Dear Sue and group, It was truly amazing – gives me a lot of energy and ideas are buzzing. Sue you are amazing keeping us on track through the whole thing as a group as well as individuals – THANK YOU!!!!!!”
Anne Bybjerg, Image & Style

This is a wonderful reflection of, tribute to, and celebration of what the WBII is and can mean to it’s members. Not only did the WBII give Sue the chance to leap out and take a chance, it reaffirmed that together we are stronger. Our members are there to support, learn from and contribute to one another in a meaningful and rewarding way – and in this case not only gave Sue the extra push she needed to move forward with her own business, but were rewarded themselves with what Sue had to share.
Sue, we are wishing you every success in your business!
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