Never has it been so easy to find as much information as one may need than in the 21st Century!
But the access to all this information has also created it’s share of problems! The biggest problem is in fact the difficulty of making informed decisions… And one area this is most prevalent is with people’s Personal Finance. They don’t know what they want for themselves and their future! Among the many questions one asks of her/himself (especially for women) are:

Who am I? What do I want to accomplish? Where do I want to be in life few years from now or when I reach retirement? Why haven’t I accomplished my financial objectives yet? Why have I forgotten what I want to accomplish financially? How will I make it possible to attain my objectives now?”

financial literacy training for women

All of the above-mentioned questions are questions we post on ourselves individually, but having it discussed further with a group of other women has more impact. Hence, the objective of this training workshop is to bring women and young adults together with the common objective of improving their knowledge of personal finance and achieve each one’s individual objectives.
No one said you had to do it all alone!
Theme: Setting Financial Goals: ME now VS ME in 5 years
About the speaker of the day:
Edwina Delamore worked in several divisions in banking, including Emerging Markets Treasury, Asset Management and as of recently IT in Portfolio and Project Management. She started her career in Retail (Commercial) Banking before she left in 1997 to go study in Groningen here in the Netherlands. She looks forward to meet you this coming Saturday as she shares her knowledge and expertise in improving one’s personal finance and making sound money decisions in any type of economic situation (be it global or on a personal level).
Investment: ONLY €29 (VAT inclusive), €26 (10% OFF) for WBII members
Location: BLOOM- HOUSE OF HEALTH, Koninginnegracht 28, 2514 AB The Hague
Date & Time: 13 June 2015 (Saturday), 13:00-16:00
To join & for more info, please contact Myra Colis (WBII member) at