The government is providing financial support for ZZP’s and BV’s that are affected by the Corona virus.

If your business income has severely decreased or is non-existent due to the Corona virus, you can apply for financial support from the city council in the city in which you are residing. This is a temporary measure in order to support ZZP’s so they are able continue running their business after the Corona crisis.

The cities are offering a social security benefit of 3 months, with a maximum of € 1.500 per month dependent on the income and household. The savings and partner income will not be taken into account (as is the case in normal times) and will not be verified (as it would in normal times) meaning that this aid will not have to be refunded and can be considered as a gift. (Start date: 1 March retroactive)

There is also an accelerated possibility to apply for a loan for working capital for your business with a maximum of € 10.157 from the city. The date for repayment obligations for this loan can be extended and the interest rate will be lower than the regular rate for this type of loan.

The cities offer possibilities to delay payment of tourist taxes, residential taxes, BIZ-heffingen and have more lenient conditions for payment extensions and payment in installments for taxes and existing debts.

The interest rate for late tax payments has been temporary lowered from 4% to 0,01% starting 1 June 2020 for businesses and 1 July for Income taxes.

For more information, please check the website of the city council of the city in which you are registered as a resident. (Search Corona or Corona ZZP)

National measures and information

Tax measures: (extra possibilities for payment extensions)

For ZZP’s in residing in The Hague

Author: Caroline Orthlieb Business Tax Consultant