Market research is a must for every business, regardless of size. In fact, the more limited your resources are, the more you should consider doing research prior to entering the market and when your business is already up and running.
Time and money are among the major resources that small business owners and entrepreneurs can’t afford to waste. Ironically, these are the same resources that are typically wasted because products and services are launched without an understanding of how customer behavior, current market landscape, competition and regulatory concerns affect one’s business growth. Market research is like a compass. Without it, business owners like you and me can end up in crossroads of guesstimations (not really good for business).
So if thriving businesses use market research to navigate them to the right business strategy, the right product/service specifications, the right target market and even the right goals, shouldn’t you do the same? How exactly can market research benefit your business?
Find out more on May 16 (Saturday) in Amsterdam!

From DATA to IMPACTUnderstanding how and why is market research a must for every business


DATE: 16 May 2015 (Saturday)

VENUE: Pedro de Medinalaan 1, 1086 XK Amsterdam

TIME: 14:00-17:00

This event is part of the 10 Powerups for Business Growth series of live educational training and networking events designed for individuals seeking for a sustainable source of income, self-improvement, career development, business growth and financial stability.
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