Dymphna Elsink reflects on why having a theme for the year helps us gain insight and focus and introduces the WBII theme for 2022 – WORTH!

It all started at the end of 2019 where I, as programme coordinator, had a thought: why don’t we introduce a theme for our programme in 2020? Introducing a theme helped me to find topics and good speakers. This brought us to our first yearly theme ever: Growth. All topics of all events from that whole year were related to our theme – GROWTH.

We could have never anticipated that 2020 was the year of change. Not only did 2020 bring us personal growth, it also gave us an insight into who we are and how we need to be flexible enough to adapt our businesses for a more online and home-based environment. We as an organization did exactly that. We moved all of our events online but that is history. Not all entrepreneurs felt so enthusiastic about these changes.

At the end of 2020 we needed to come up with a new theme for 2021. It was kind of logical that after a year of change, and for many of us mostly personal growth, we needed to take some ACTION: hence the theme for 2021 was born! We hope to have inspired you to take action that was necessary to run your business successfully. If you didn’t have your business online yet, this was now the time to do so. If you hadn’t become more digital, this was the year to take that course and overcome that fear.

Again, all that action was not in vain because 2021 was very similar to 2020. These changes that many of us went through made us more competent.

Here we are! It is 2022!

As we reflect upon these past 2 years, a new theme arose: WORTH.

This year we want to learn, we want to validate, we want to do some research and soul searching on our attitude about money, time management, value, insurances, self-worth, business clarity and between all those topics we hope to make meaningful and WORTHwhile connections with each other in the safe space that WBII provides.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2022!


Dymphna Elsink, WBII Vice-President

Cover Photo credit Mikael Blomkvist
Profile Photo credit Ingrid Vente