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Why the Visual Thing?
What we really mean can never be 100% understood by another the way we intended it, (in spite of our striving for perfection). But there’s hope in this!
When we communicate visually (sketching, sign making etc.) as cavemen did way before they formed words, we cut down the amount of misinterpretation and get closer to that 100% clarity goal. But we also open up some potential and creativity within us all just by a simple, basic line or shape. What we convey with signs brings so much more than just words into communication.
This Can Actually Be for You Too!
Fortunately, absolutely everyone can draw signs more easily than they could write when they were 5 years old. It’s a direct, uncomplicated form of passing a message along wherever groups of people come together.
Come and train with us and gain some useful skills for communicating more simply and capturing more of the essence of what is being communicated and how that might be interpreted.
The Visual Minute Starter Course: 

  • A full day of introductory visual communication practice where we create a corresponding visual map from a conversation or presentation

The Workshop Outcomes:

  • Experience and understand how versatile Visual Communication can be within your own leadership, facilitation, training, consulting or coaching role
  • Surprise yourself at how easy it is to produce something visually satisfying and see how simple it is to integrate into your work
  • Learn how to draw a visual story as the presentation or conversation evolves
  • Learn how to pull out key concepts from lengthy presentations or conversations
  • Boost your confidence by following your intuition
  • See how the process helps you listen more deeply, make connections and gain insight from what is produced in your Visual Minutes
  • Learn how to present your Visual Minutes to a group
  • A day of picking up some pens and having fun

The Big Picture Design:

  • Learn how to draw letters that look good with confident strokes
  • Learn to be courageous with your designs and stretch your limits
  • Learn how to design a big picture that is easy to “read”
  • Learn how to make words and concepts stand out for the viewer
  • Learn to visualise concepts

Drawing Competence: 

  • Beginner upward – if you consider yourself completely NOT creative, this course is for you! If you consider you have creative competence this course is also for you!

The Trainer:
Vanessa Smith has been working with Visual Minutes for companies and individuals now since 2004. She is a facilitator, trainer and leadership coach as well as an artist and now works combining her skills to support effective, creative shifts for people. For more information please go to her website:
Logistics and Investment:

  • One full day session (5 approx. hours)
  • 20 June Den Haag – location to be announced
  • Special Offer 147€ for the June session (usual Investment: 197€ + BTW)
  • Instruction in English

For queries contact Vanessa on:  0646598328  
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