Today members of the WBII met with the International Women’s Networking Group in Rotterdam to take in an exhibition celebrating female athletes from the last 100 years who have originated from Rotterdam.

It was so interesting to see the differences from 100 years ago and today, how sporting attire has improved, and how attitudes to women competing at Olympic level have changed.

We also had fun with some of the activities and found who was the most competitive of the group (it wasn’t me!)

After, we joined more IWNG members for their regular networking lunch meeting hosted by IWNG Board member Yustine Alvares. Fantastic to meet new faces from this group and connect! So many interesting stories  and I really enjoyed expanding my community. Do check out their upcoming events and broaden your horizons to another city!

Thanks to Deborah Valentine and Yustine for organising this event, looking forward to connecting with you again in the near future.

If you would like to collaborate with another organisation and expand your own network, send me an email with your suggestions!

Author: Lisa Hall