Am I an entrepreneur? Who me? Sometimes even women who have successfully launched their own businesses still hesitate to claim the word as their own. If you’re one of them then November 17-21 this year has been put aside just for you. The spirit of entrepreneurship is both the vision and the driving force behind the Women’s Business Initiative, so how fitting that the WBII has joined with thousands of organizations worldwide in hosting a series of events to mark Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Global Entrepreneurship Week is a worldwide effort to bring people together to celebrate and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship. It is an idea that spawned from Enterprise Week UK, which first began in 2004. Last year, Global Entrepreneurship Week engaged over 2,720 partner organizations and more than 900,000 individuals. In 2008, 56 countries will join together to form this global movement. Primarily aimed at inspiring entrepreneurship among young people at the very start of their career lives, the themes and events are pertinent to all those who hope to grow a business from ideas into actions, and actions into success. Specific focus areas include Social Entrepreneurship, Green Entrepreneurship, Creative Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship and Technology, and Women in Entrepreneurship.

There is no surprise that women are rapidly becoming a large presence in the world of entrepreneurship. Successful female entrepreneurs are changing the faces of many industries and broadening perceptions of what it takes to thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace – local and global. The Women’s Business Initiative International is active in The Hague area promoting the place of women entrepreneurs and business owners.

So what’s in it for you? Every day of the week from November 17 to 21, the WBII hosts a different event designed to inform, motivate, or inspire.

On Monday, Jo Parfitt, author of 25 books, will explain how writing a book is one of the best ways to brand yourself as an expert and your business as a success and will share her secrets with WBII members – maybe you have a book in you.

On Tuesday José de Boer of De Boer Financial Consultants will tell you how you can finance your dream.

How much is enough and how much is too much? On Wednesday Vera Pijl offers a workshop with new perspectives on setting the right price.

On Thursday join in a round table discussion over lunch. The topic? Big Ideas for Small Businesses

Friday rounds out the week with WBII founder Suzy Ogé and Project Manager Lisa Rouissi showing you how blogging can be a tool for business – and how easy it is to get started.

To sign up for these events, go to the events section of the Women’s Business Initiative website. See you there!