15 Fine artists from different disciplines will join the exposition in the studio of Art in Colour. Beautiful Paintings, sculptures, quilts, jewelries, shawls and bags will be exposed.
Poster Midden-Delflanddag 5-2
The artwork of Yolande Jimenez-Koekenbier (Art in Colour) consists of paintings (acrylic and silk), sculptures, silk / felt shawls and pearls, jemstones and art jewelries.
For information or to get an impression: www.artincolour.nl or the webshop www.smartincolour.com.
You are all welcome to enjoy the exposition and of course all the other festivities and activities in the Midden-Delfland District! (Information: www.middendelflanddag.nl).
About Yolande Jimenez-Koekenbier

  • Fine Artist: Paintings (Acrylic and Silk) and Sculptures, auto-didact
  • Designer of exclusive accesories, sold in own webshop www.smartincolour.com.
    Teacher of creative education and workshops in field of silk painting, wool felting, painting with Mixed Media and jewelry making