What is on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014?
We are now two weeks into the New Year, and I sincerely hope you have been able to stick to your plans!
On my own list of resolutions is building stronger relationships with the members of the WBII. We are now half way through our first year with the new Executive Board, and we have been putting a lot of energy into making our networking evenings interesting and enjoyable. You won’t want to miss the upcoming networking event on Thursday 23 January: Give your energy a boost, with Kyrin Hall.

Welcome to our new members!

We welcome back Stefanie Thomas to the WBII and our new members Natascha Bonneville and Karin van Hecke. Their profiles will be on our website shortly. During our very successful Festive Holiday lunch held on 19 December seven women decided to join the WBII, and we are delighted! They are now in the process of becoming a member.

WBII Executive Board

90-WBII-IWD2013With so many new members, I feel the need to introduce you to our team who is working behind the scenes to help make the WBII a success.
First of all we have Sylvie Dermul – Verbrugghe, who is most likely the first person you meet when you join the WBII. Sylvie supports and takes care of us, helps us to run our business club smoothly, runs our office, and is doing our administration and communication.
The Executive Board has seven members, including:

  • Suzy Oge (Strong is the New Black), founder of the WBII, who moved to Jakarta, Indonesia last summer, but is still active and supporting us. We have regular contact with Suzy, and she often joins us via Skype during our board meetings.We look forward to seeing Suzy again on 8 March.
  • Lisa Hall (Lemonberry) is our Treasurer, in charge of our finances and computer care. She is the designer and producer of our International Community Calendar. Thanks to her initiative, we were able to generate this year some extra income for the WBII.
  • And last but not least, Charlene Lambert (Taiwan Globalization Network) is our Vice President and member of the Advisory Board. She has been with the WBII since the beginning, and is an endless help and support for all of us.

Become an active member!

WBII is an international business club for entrepreneurial women, and we invite you to become an active member. Our experience is that the more energy you put into the WBII network, the more you will benefit from it for yourself and for your business.
If you would like to help us get to know you better, or want us to visit you at your office, fitness room, beauty salon, or other venue, please invite us! We would love to get to know you better, and look for ways to support you and your business.
If you would like to give a workshop, for example like our member Dawn Black did with her photo tour, you can announce it yourself on our Facebook group, and / or our LinkedIn group etc.
If you have any ideas, please come forward. All the board members can and will be happy to help you.
Hope to talk to you soon, and to see you on 23 January!
Akkie OkmaAkkie Okma
President WBII & Owner of Okma Advies