Some highlights from our November Board Meeting include:
Expanding the network. Building New Partnerships
WBII partners with NVR, Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad
Our Vice-president’s persistent efforts have paid off. WBII has become a member of NVR, Nederlandse Vrouwen Read, (Dutch Women’s Council) , a body that brings together some 50 different womens organisations from the Netherlands. The purpose of NVR is to improve womens position in society, by making their voice heard be it in political and governmental affairs, or new policy development. For WBII to be accepted into NVR is a big achievement.
WBII secures membership with MKB
Following a huge deal of effort by our President, WBII has secured one year trial membership with MKB, association of small and medium enterprises in the Netherlands. Under current arrangement, a dedicated number of Board members and members would be able to attend four networking events by MKB, get to know the organisation and discover whether this partnership would be beneficial for both parties. As a result of this new partnership, Kim Schofaerts, President of MKB The Hague is the guest speaker at the WBII Festive Lunch.
WBII partner organisation for Women Economic Forum EU 2017
300+ participants from 20 countries are expected to be in The Hague on January 27-28 to discuss issues of women economic empowerment and inclusion. WBII is proud to be a partner in this important event.
Upcoming Events
International Womens Day
Preparations are underway for the celebrations of International Women’s Day 2017. This year the Board is focusing on the contents. Expect two interesting workshops and a compelling guest speaker to be followed by an evening reception. Details will be announced in the new year
(Write-up by Lucy Bosscher (ASPIRE Pilates)