WBII office buildingWBII is powered-up by members and, therefore, you deserve to get a heads-up and know more of what’s going on behind the scenes. To kick off this series of monthly updates, here’s our Top 5 highlights from our December Board meeting.

WBII revives Professional Development Workshops (PDWs)

Typically, our PDWs are exclusive for members only and held on a semi-annual basis. The primary goal of these workshops is to help you grow your entrepreneurial skills in specific areas of business, thereby keeping the classes small to optimise learning.
WBII has decided to open up the opportunity to non-members as well, giving current members subsidised pricing. We are making plans to regularly host PDWs in the second week of the month (Thursday preferred) from February 2016.
Our February PDW will be on the subject of tax. Is there a specific area of tax that you are interested in learning more about? Are there other topics you’d like us to add to our line up of workshops? Get in touch with Clare Summerfield so we can tailor our workshops for your needs and get the ball rolling.

WBII goes global

Our long-term plans of internationalising the WBII concept have moved forward with thanks to Sabine van Egeraat of Outspoken Communications for assisting us with this process under the Dutch-EU Starters International Business (SIB) voucher program.
Sabine presented 5 possible options: (1) Don’t do anything, (2) Create a Franchise model, (3) Use a Globalisation model, (4) Venture Philanthropy, or (5) Find a Funding Partner.
Unanimously, the Executive Board decided to pursue the Globalisation option. So far, we have already received interest from Belgium and Ireland.

WBII logo officially ours!

Yes, indeed! We are happy to inform you that we now have the unlimited and exclusive rights to the WBII logo! Thanks to Lisa Hall for making this happen.

WBII newsletter will receive a name

We’re close to celebrating WBII’s 10th Anniversary and yet we missed giving our new-look monthly newsletter a name!
Lisa Hall is currently coordinating with our newsletter editor, Deborah Valentine, on how we can go about this. But meanwhile, if you have any ideas or suggestions now, get in touch with a Board member and let us know.
We’ll shortlist the names at the February Board Meeting and create an online poll for members to vote on the final name. Stay tuned for an update from Lisa!

WBII Festive Lunch shares entrepreneurial spirit with refugees

It’s great to have one last time this year to get together before embracing another exciting year. As we all look forward to our December 10 Festive Lunch, we would like to inform you that we’re welcoming sponsorships for a maximum of 10 refugees that are stadhouders and also entrepreneurs in their own country to join us.
The Bazaar of Ideas has generously offered to sponsor lunch for three of them and we’re still passing the hat to anyone interested in fully or partially sponsoring one of the rest. Are you interested? Contact Natalie, our Office Manager.
See you on Thursday at the beautiful winter garden of the Bazaar from 12:00 to 15:00. And don’t forget to register!
The WBII Executive Board:
Julie Kennedy, Charlene Lambert, Nira Satguru, Clare Summerfield, Myra Colis, Lisa Hall, and Suzy Oge.
(Write-up by Myra Colis)