WBII office buildingSome highlights from our July Board Meeting include:

Finalisation of 2015 Accounts and Budget 2016/2017

A meeting will be held on 19 July to review and approve the 2015 financial report with the opportunity to raise any questions with our Accountant. Dates were also set to finalise our annual budget.

Workspace rental

The board has accepted a request for 4 half days and decided to advertise shared workspace for 2 additional days per week. (Shared workspace is available for members only, please contact the office for details.)

PDW – Venues

We are very excited about our upcoming series of Personal Development Workshops and discussed possible venues and allocated investigators.

Sponsorship for memberships of MKB, NVR and ICP

The International Department of Municipality the Hague (thanks to our supporter Deputy Mayor Ingrid van Engelshoven) generously gave us 1500 Euros to be spent on membership of various Dutch networks with view of maximum impact to our respective members. The board discussed which memberships and for now we have decided on MKB and NVR and will investigate value added to WBII members of joining ICP.

Gemeente Leidschendam-Voorburg Consulting – an update

We have had our first client and discussed which percentage should go to WBII (umbrella organisation).

Website Overhaul

Conversations turned around the cost and sponsoring of the needed overhaul as well as time planning.

New Office Manager

Liliana Gonzalez will be starting as our new Office Manager in August. We discussed the transition period, the wording of the agreement and there will be an information meeting on August 25th to bring her and new board members up to date.

New Board Members

Lucy Bosscher (ASPIRE Pilates), Vassia Sarantopoulou (The Anti-Loneliness Project) and Sophie Chiabi (Clever Clogs) will officially serve on the board from September 1st. An update meeting will be held with on August 25th.

International Community Calendar 2017

All advertising spaces to be filled by August 31st. Interested? The Calendar will be full of helpful dates, important expat information and a platform to highlight your business in support of the expat community in the Hague area. Details here.

Business Partner Membership

Business owners who are existing members of the WBII, may invite a business partner or employee to join the WBII at a reduced annual membership fee. Conditions for applying were discussed. The company registration (KvK number) must be identical in the applications to qualify for Business Partner Membership.

Ondernemersplein ‘Business in Clubs’, 8 September

The decision was made to attend, roles were allocated to confirm our participation and inform members.
The WBII Executive Board:
Julie KennedyCharlene LambertNira SatguruClare SummerfieldMyra ColisLisa Hall, and Suzy Oge.
The Executive Board is comprised of committed members, each taking specific responsibilities to support the WBII. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month for a 2-3 hour meeting at our office on the Nassauplein.
(write-up by Julie Kennedy)