WBII office buildingThe WBII Executive Board met on Tuesday 3rd May and kicked off with open items from last months’ meeting.
We reviewed financials, sponsorship revenue, revenue for the Bijlmer Project and membership fees with the implementation of invoicing with BTW.

Open positions on the Executive Board

One of our priorities for this month’s board meeting was to discuss the recruitment of new Board Members. We are actively seeking great team players to come join us and plan out our strategy. Interested?

Office Manager vacancy

Next up was the recruiting of a new Office Manager as our much loved Natalie will be leaving us over the coming months. We will be updating the job description and actively advertising for top candidates to take up the post in June. Look out for an update soon if you’re interested or know someone perfect for the position!
** UPDATE **
See the vacancy notice here. Closing date for applications is 7 June.

Shared Workspace at WBII

Members may be aware that we offer workspace rental for our members at the WBII office on Nasauplein and we discussed our latest arrangements and a potential new tenant. The workspace will still be available for rent up to 3 days per week. Please contact the office for details.

Professional Development Workshops

We’ll begin promoting our new series of Professional Development Workshops around the middle of this month. Our theme is ‘Using Media to Transform your Business‘. We discussed timelines and actions needed to make this happen. We discussed venues and the board will be following up to secure the most suitable venue for each of the workshops.

International Community Calendar 2017

Planning for the 2017 calendar was on the agenda and after a number of suggestions we decided on the theme of ‘Water’ as it is a huge part of life in the Netherlands.

Sponsors and Partners

As always the board spent some time discussing Sponsors and Partners. We have some exciting possibilities in this area and the some of the board will be meeting with potential new partners and sponsors over the next month.

Information Fairs and Events

Planning for our attendance at Expatica’s i am not a tourist fair (October) and Startersdag (November) are on the horizon. We discussed the merits of joining these events again this year as they have always proven to be great networking opportunities. We will of course need members to join the relevant support teams. Posts to follow.

Globalisation Plans for WBII

Our long term plans to Globalise the WBII was discussed and is moving ahead. We are presently seeking local government funding and some of our board members are busy working on this project.

A possible collaboration with MKB

Some of our board met with the President and Vice-President of MKB Den Haag earlier this month to brainstorm what we can do together. The MKB are also focusing on internationalisation and are keen to work with us, we are following this up to consider the synergies.

NVR (Netherlands Women’s Council)

The NVR is a Dutch organisation representing all women’s organisations in the Netherlands. They are committed to equal rights and full participation of women in all fields. Working both nationally and internationally, in Europe and in the United Nations (UN), they are involved with accompanying delegations travelling to/from the Netherlands. The board will compile relevant information to consider the potential synergies with NVR.
We discussed our other allegiances with WEP and possibilities to work more closely with PZO however no action was needed at this point.

Summer Social Drinks Event

Finally, on the agenda was the planning and organisation of a Social Drinks Event for Support Teams in July. We are so thankful to our members who support the WBII at a variety of events and meetings. We like to say thank you at this event. More to follow.
The WBII Executive Board:
Julie KennedyCharlene LambertNira SatguruClare SummerfieldMyra ColisLisa Hall, and Suzy Oge.
The Executive Board is comprised of committed members, each taking specific responsibilities to support the WBII. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month for a 2-3 hour meeting at our office on the Nassauplein.
(write-up by Clare Summerfield)