Whether you’re new in business, thinking of setting one or already in the game for quite some time now, I bet that most of the time you’re wondering how you can gain (more of) the clients you want. Perhaps the following questions may even sound familiar to you….

  • “I am more competent than she is, how come she gets the assignment and I don’t?
  • “I have all the right competencies for the job, but why is it that my target clients don’t see it and choose the other over me?
  • “I am working so hard, but by the end of the day I don’t get to earn a decent living. How is that possible?

If these questions sound familiar, don’t worry. You are not alone! And yes there are many major factors contributing to this failure of attracting the clients you want, so on July 18 we’ll dig deeper on some of these factors and understand how personal branding and content strategy bring you solutions.
Greet Bunnens is a personal branding specialist and founder of YourBrandBuilder and HR-Vibe. On July 18, she’ll walk you through her 5 steps in building your personal brand. How do you become aware of the real YOU? How do you reach to your target audience? How do you answer your target audience’s need? How do you name and claim your brand? How do you deliver your message and content?
Timi-Stoop Alcala is a content & social media strategist and founder of Social Sense Consultancy. She worked on projects for Sony Europe, Pampers, LinkedIn, TEDx Amsterdam, Unilever Food Solutions, The Web and Beyond, among others. On July 18, she will share her expertise on creating a content roadmap and a high-level content strategy planning, jumpstarting the development of your communication materials, and transforming your content into a business asset!
BONUS! Participants get the opportunity to practice what they’ve learned, do their elevator pitch and get feedback from the speakers and other participants!
Winning the clients you want by developing your brand & high-level content strategy
When: 18 July 2015 (Saturday), 14:00-17:00
Where: Pedro de Medinalaan, 1086 XK Amsterdam
Your investment?
If you are a WBII member and you register before July 12, you’ll get your double discount for an early bird registration plus your 10% off WBII member benefit. So ONLY €28 for you!
After July 12, the regular price of €37 applies for non-WBII member and only €31 for WBII members.  (All pricing VAT inclusive)
Start (or continue) winning the clients you want now. Come join us on July 18 and let’s get started!
(This training workshop is part of the 10 Powerups for Business Growth series of monthly trainings for startups and entrepreneurs, organized by WBII member Myra Colis of E3 Data Intelligence Services & Evolving Education for Excellence Events with business strategist Sun van Denbrande.)
Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of the successful training workshop on business planning (powerup #4) held in June.
10 powerups for business growth- e3events
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