Or how to be Pistachio with Pepper

The evening started with the amazing Dymphna giving a welcome speech and setting everyone with good energy to kick off the event.

The first speaker of the night was Kalpee Howard, who gave her 10 min speech “Living Well Unlocked”. Kalpee led us down the time lane to explain the existent bias of doctors/professionals to take women problems seriously and how her experience as GP led her to find her mission in breaking the taboo on number of subjects like menopause and many effects it might have on women health. “We need to take ourselves seriously and advocate for ourselves”

As for main course or better say spicy desert Nicole Huizinga took the stage and encourage everyone straight away through a little game into talking about ourselves to start the visibility strategy and to “discover the hidden you, that little spicy thing that’s typical you, special magic and special flavour”.

Here some take ways from the great speech.

Basic elements to stand out: find your niche where to be something for someone and not nothing for everyone. Nicole believes that by being very specific you will attract ideal clients and not loose choice as commonly believed. Research your ideal client – not the classical avatar but really understanding the problem that she has.

Don’t believe in the blue prints we are all different. “If everyone does that don’t do that”. Whats more important for women love yourself for the “Pistachio with pepper” you are.

Share your mistakes and especially the lessons that you learn from them.

We need to applaud our fellow entrepreneurs.

Being real or being strategically authentic was a big question to answer which Nicole provided us with a how to tool – Confidence in 5 steps:

  1. List your achievements
  2. Create a Tadaaa database
  3. Power pose!
  4. Question your inner self
  5. Flick the Fuck It switch. I’m just gonna do it!

I believe all of the participants left feeling braver and ready to put themselves out there and be visible!

“Anything can happen if you let it! Life its out there waiting till you get it” M. Poppins

Author: Ugne Marchionno