Introducing our theme for 2023: IMPACT

For several years, the WBII has had a yearly theme. For us, it’s a way of focusing our attention on one topic, examining different aspects of it and trying to implement it for our businesses.

After the theme ‘Growth’ in 2020, following ‘Action’ in 2021 and ‘Worth’ in 2022, we wanted to continue exploring in the same direction. Growing and knowing our worth are ongoing processes that will continue to be with us in the coming years, so we looked for a theme that would go hand-in-hand with them. We believe that our actions have meaning and can make a change in the world around us. This is why we want to focus on the theme of ‘Impact’ this year. We want to learn how to make an impact in our clients’ lives, in our businesses and in our community.

We are very excited about our programme for 2023, about expanding the impact of the WBII in the community of women entrepreneurs and about impacting each other and the world around us.

Happy new and impactful year!