IWD2015Invite_Screen‘Make it Happen’ is the theme for this year’s International Women’s Day, organised by the Women’s Business Initiative International (WBII).
The event, which is open for both men and women, is being held in The Hague for the 9th straight year to celebrate women’s successes, and in particular, to encourage effective action for advancing and recognising women’s business achievements.
The celebration, to include workshops and a cocktail reception, will take place on Friday, March 6, from 14.00 – 19.30 at the Hilton Hotel, Zeestraat 35, 2518 AA The Hague.
WBII is pleased to announce that Webster University, the accredited American University with a campus in Leiden, is the International Women’s Day event Sponsor.
Three different workshops will be held, one on the subject of Emotional Intelligence, led by Chris Fitzgerald of Webster University, one on Self-leadership, by Vanessa Smith of Crafting Connection, and one on Financial Independence, by Sandra Boekhoudt of Money-Matters.
The keynote speaker, Simone Filippini, CEO of Cordaid, will address the audience during the cocktail party on the subject of Cordaid’s work to support entrepreneurial women in developing countries.
Registration and tickets are available through our website, here.

  • Special Early Bird Offer — € 65,00
    For Workshops and Cocktail Party until Saturday, February 14
  • Workshops and Cocktail Party from February 15 onward — €75,00
  • Cocktail Party only — €25,00

Registrations booked and payments received by the WBII before February 15 will benefit from the special Early Bird offer of € 65,00.
The WBII is a foundation based in The Hague whose goal is to promote the inclusion of women in the professional world by identifying and removing barriers that prevent their full participation. WBII has over 100 members from approximately 25 countries, and active in a wide variety of businesses and professions.  The WBII aims to facilitate the success of women to create new business ventures, expand small businesses, spark new ideas and collaboration, increase profitability and expand employment opportunities.
For additional information about the International Women’s Day event,  please contact:

  • Julie Kennedy, at 06 5463 3129
  • Charlene Lambert, at 06 2184 7256