Anne Bybjerg MøllerAnne Bybjerg is an International Image Stylist with a diverse international clientele. Her studio, Image & Style, is based in The Hague.
Anne graduated from one of the United Kingdom’s leading Image Consultancy Houses – Aston+Hayes, London. With 7 years of international experience, she is sensitive to cultural differences and continues to help clients of all nationalities, age and gender. Anne has a special touch with people and great insight into the styling of everyday women and men.
How to dress confidently and look stylish is an art, and Anne practices it with a combination of talent, flair and technical skills. She also has a keen eye for matching your style to your personality, not just your external appearance. A lifestyle change requires confidence.
One of Anne’s greatest assets is her passion for whatever she undertakes. She delights in helping the transformation of her clients, and seeing the results in their increased confidence and self-esteem.
Anne will guide you through the process with ease, humour and respect. Your confidence and style will be revitalised. After which, the rest comes easily!
Image Styling for Entrepreneurs
A number of Anne’s clients are entrepreneurs which means they are their own ‘Walking Business Card’. She can help her clients make their businesses even more successful by teaching them how to present themselves as a professional and confident business partner.
Anne’s way of working is simple; Anne and her clients work together. She works with you and not ‘on you’. Regardless of your shape, size or budget, your inside needs to match your outside – it’s all about your personality.
After working with Anne, you will gain the confidence to put colours and style together consistently and independently, with flair and personality, so it becomes your unique style. You will know how to dress no matter the occasion, lifestyle or budget.
Confident, Comfortable and Successful
Anne has one simple aim in life – she wants her clients to feel and become confident, comfortable and successful. Having a Full Image Consultation costs less than buying a new outfit and the benefit is that you’ll get use of your new acquired skills every day for the rest of your life.
Image & Style’s work ranges from one-to-one or small group consultations, through to presentations and practical workshops in both the private and corporate markets.
Image & StyleAnne Bybjerg Møller
Image & Style