WBII_Sponsor_SusanJimenez_ImageAs a creative Digital Marketing Consultant & Video Maker. I believe in authenticity, thinking outside the box and bringing value to your visual online presence.
My passion is to inspire and capture moments with video and visual marketing. I help entrepreneurs and business communicate messages and stories in a visual, engaging and fast way that brings value.
Are you interested to learn more about video? Do you wish to grow your (online) community or grow your online visibility? Need help to improve your visual content and images?
What I can do for you?
I consult people and companies how to grow their social media presence and create high quality vision content, to grow their community and presence. Its not just about creating pretty images. Or making flashy videos because it’s hot at the moment. But because it can bring so much traffic to your website and bring emotional connection with your audience, customers and your clients. I help guide you how to use visual social media marketing to its full potential with an effective marketing strategy that is tailor-made to fit your vision for your company.
Create Online Videos:
The demand for video is high right now. Not just because its a hot thing to do but because it generates so much traffic to your website. I’ve been making videos for over 10 years now. Professional videos that captures attention, communicates a clear message in a short time, usually less between 1 – 3 minutes videos; Promotional | Events | Presentations | Company | Profiles | Short videos and more.
Create better visuals with Social Media:
Visual content captures attention much quicker than plain text. Visual social media marketing is such a powerful tool and your chance to make you stand out and be different with your visual brand in a few seconds.
I can help you improve your visual content through social media by creating relevant and highly sharable posts on social media. I work with you to find your social media platforms that suits your brand. I can help you grow your online presence and visibility with; Pinterest | Instagram | Youtube | Vimeo | Vine and more.
Thats what I can do for you and so much more!
My goal is to help you embrace video, visual marketing and create an (online) community.
Want to know more about my background and connect with me?
I’d love to hear your story: http://susanjimenez.me